A message from b-marie....

Dear Baseball Fans,

After thinking long and hard, I have decided to close B-Marie's Baseball World. Many reasons have helped me come to this conclusion.

I love the game of baseball, as much as I ever have, and I have tremdously enjoyed building and maintaining this page. However, because of my love for baseball, I feel that those who choose to represent it, must do so with respect and with as much love, as the game itself. In short, I just don't have the time, it takes to devote to the page anymore. A page should be updated often, to keep fans coming back.

My life has taken on many changes since the beginning of this site. I became employeed at my son's school as a student advocate and education assistant, as well as accepting a position on the local and state PTA boards. I also sit on the board of Youth Sports activities, serve as team parent and assistant coach for Little League. I have am active with our local Great Falls, Dodgers. And, I continue to author books, in hopes of the big one! All of that, and then actually watching my Braves baseball, leaves me little time for a website :-)

One other factor in this decision is the time and effort it takes to obtain written permission to use copyrighted material. I will always love the game, but quite frankly Major League Baseball and it's cronies, make it difficult for the non-profit average Joe or in my case, Joleen to be web-representing fan. Logos, photos, articles, quotes, ect....all of that requires written permission to be posted in any public domain, including little ole free-space websites, and then a disclaimer must be posted. It took me 18 weeks to get permission to post a photo, that I paid $200 for. Not worth it.

I would like to extend my warmest thank yous, to all of the wonderful friends and baseball fans that I have made through this site. I would also like to thank my fellow baseball webmasters, for their continued efforts and for allowing me to link to your sites. I wish your sites much sucess! Especially SouthPaw Central! My favorite site, on my favorite player!

Thanks to Tripod & Lycos for hosting the site and offering first time webmasters tools and instruction. Thanks to all of the other sites that offered free graphics, counters, ect...

Well, that's about it...except to say, goodbye and to wish everyone many great seasons of baseball...and to tell Cubbies fans, never stop believing. It's going to happen.

Much love,

"it might be...it could be...it is!" - Harry Caray

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